FOSSEN specializes in farming and production of fjord trout, in the cold clear fjords of Western Norway. 

  • Craftsmanship with traditional dry-salting for a firmer texture and better taste

  • Specializes in using fresh trout from the region in the production

  • Perfect for high end consumption 

The secret lies in our expertise
The Fossen factory is located on Osterøy outside the historic city of Bergen in the middle of the astounding Osterfjord. Here, on Norway's largest non coastal island, by the gateway to the Norewgian fjords, one has been telling stories of trout stronger and bigger than the next one, struggling battles between man, his fishing rod and the giant at the end of the line. The fjord trout caught in the Osterfjord was well known for being the best fish in the sea, and it still is! The secret lies in our expertise. Fossen started commercial farming in 1972 based on 200 years of knowledge of fishing and smoking traditions. We still do it the old fashion way providing the absolute best smoked product to the market.

Lerøy Fossen Osterøy Location Factory Logo

A unique taste profile

To achieve and maintain the superior quality, Fossen only dry salt its products. This is just like the forefathers at Osterøy did in the past.

Alder – gently picked from the local forest at Osterøy is used in the smoking process. Alder is known for growing in only the best and richest of soil, and we believe this also enriches our products. On Osterøy, Alder has a long tradition being the perfect type of wood for smoking fjord trout. The wood gives the unique and mild taste to the product making the Fossen brand world known for its quality, supplying the most demanding markets in the world.

Fossen History Lerøy Osterøy

A winning partnership
The olympics for chefs, held in Erfurt in Germany in 2008, gathers the worlds best chefs in the world in a battle of culinary honor. Over two days each national team competes in making the most desirable dish with only the very best of products. Fossen has sponsored the Norwegian national team of chefs for years with superior smoked products, and we are proud to have been a part of the team winning the gold medal in 2008. 

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