Perfection from sea to sky

In the breathtaking surroundings of Northern Norway, the magical ‘blue hour’ looks like nowhere else on Earth. The majestic landscape is bathed in a magical blue light when night becomes day and day becomes night. Nature is in no rush. The result of this patience, as always, is perfection - this holds true whether it’s in the sky or in the sea. Take your time. Appreciate natural perfection.

Natural, Always!

The Aurora Salmon lives in cold, clear polar environment. The production is friendly  to the sea and to those species the salmon share the ocean with. The salmon is fed with omega 3 rich feed containing sustainable raw materials and no salmon or palm oil. The Lerøy Aurora salmon has never been treated with antibiotics.

Creation to Consumption!

Generations…day by day since 2005, each Aurora has been bred, hatched and grown out in our own seawater pens. Complete traceability right from the egg.

Respecting Mother Nature!

A cold, clear polar aquaculture environment. Friendly to the sea and to those species we share the sea with. No bycatch in our harvesting and using plant-based feed as not to impact the wild species that we wish to abound us.

Timing is Everything!

Maturing slowly for over 2 years in the strong currents of the polar waters of Northern Norway, Aurora Salmon are then harvested and packed in ice within 2 hours and then are ready to ship.

Wellness begins with what´s best!

Health monitoring in each pen, pens with the best environmental pristine conditions, with optimal currents and oxygen and with extra room to grow.