Used by Japan’s most demanding sushi chefs

Japan’s sushi chefs – the ‘Itamae’ – know all about the virtues of patience. After all, their training can take up to 6 years to complete. For them, no detail is too small in a country renowned for its seafood; the Itamae know that perfection takes time. Perhaps it’s no surprise that, with such devotion to their art, Itamae work with only the very finest ingredients. In 2006, a delegation of Japan’s leading seafood experts came to Norway with one goal: to find the finest sushi-grade salmon in the world. Under the spectacular Aurora Borealis – the fabled Northern Lights - they found their prize: Aurora Salmon®. Japan’s most demanding sushi chefs have been using it ever since.

«In my opinion, Aurora Salmon is the best salmon in the world!»

Chef Vladimir Pak, awarded the gold medal in the World Sushi Cup 2017, is one of the most influential sushi chefs in the world at the moment. He combines his love for tradition together with his innovative skills to offer you a world class sushi experience. Omakase means “trust the chef” and chef Pak and his team seeks to continue the Edomae tradition of the local by using only the finest sustainable ingredients available, mainly from Norway, combined with Tokyo cuisine, in the the one star michelin restaurant Omakase by Vladimir Pak in Oslo.

«I use the Aurora Salmon in my menu because I like the quality, and structure of the fish and the taste. In omakase I am using the best fishes from all part of Norway. And in my opinion, Aurora salmon is the best salmon in the world!”