Priority tasks
Lerøy Seafood Group’s vision is to be the leading and most profitable global supplier of quality sustainable seafood. To achieve this, the company must continue to focus particularly on the following:

Values are generated by businesses forming a network in the value chain. Businesses in the network have plenty of opportunities to focus on their own core activities and to capitalise on economies of scale and reduced risk. We must constantly improve the Group’s core operations including the development of long-term and committed alliances with both suppliers and customers. Over time, this will ensure a sufficient range of products and that our solutions are cost-efficient and adapted to the various markets and therefore also profitable.

Market orientation
Emphasising development in new and existing markets based on forward-looking solutions and alliances that will ensure profitability and increased market share. Being among the leading companies within product development to ensure customer satisfaction and thereby profitability.

Environment and quality
Maintaining a strong focus on positive attitudes towards quality and the environment among management and employees. Further development of processes and routines throughout the entire value chain from breeding to smolt, fish production, harvesting, processing, sale and distribution.

Risk management
Continuing to develop systems for identifying risks in order to avoid imbalances between commercial risks and the quest for profitability. The Group’s risk profile and its strategies for value generation must be reconciled with the Group’s available resources.

Giving priority to the development of expertise and adaptability in all segments and at all levels. Profitable growth requires improved expertise in the fields of management, improved operations, development of incentive systems, financial management, exploitation of new technology, product and market knowledge and systematic marketing.

Strategic business development
For many years the Group has made significant acquisitions.Strategic business development is also of decisive importance for the continued development of the Group. This will ensure the best possible utilisation of the Group’s resources in order to provide optimum value generation for the company’s shareholders, employees and major partners.