Important events
Read about our important, strategic events from 1999 and up until today.
  • Stern trawler Nordtind handed over from Vard Søviknes to Havfisk ASA
  • Production started at new factory on Jøsnøya island, Hitra (Farming)
  • Leroy Processing Spain: New facilities opened in Valencia, Barcelona and Alicante
  • Reconstruction in Stamsund to increase production of ready-to-eat products (wild fish)
  • Kjærelva, Fitjar (Farming): Construction start new production plant
  • Leroy Processing Spain: New facilities opened in Barcelona and Valencia(VAPS&D)
  • Rode VAPS&D: Construction start new industrial building in Urk, the Netherlands
  • Construction of new factory at Jøsnøya Island, Hitra (Farming)
  • Capital supply
  • Acquisitions of 100% of the shares in Hav sk ASA (trawling operator) and Norway Seafoods Group AS (processing, sale and distribution of white fish)
  • Rode Beheer BV: Acquisition of the remaining 49.9% of the shares
  • Seistar Holding AS (shipping company involved in well boats): Acquisition of 50% of the shares in Seistar Holding AS
  • Lerøy Turkey (fish-cut): Shareholding increa- sed from 50% to 100% (former Alfarm Alarko Lerøy)
  • Norsk Oppdrettsservice AS (cleaner fish): Shareholding increa- sed from 34% to 51%
  • Senja Akvakultursenter AS (cleaner fish): Acquisition of 100% of the shares
  • Villa Organic AS (Farming): Acquisition of 49,4 % of the shares
  • Fish-cut investment: Investments in new facilities in Norway, France, Spain and Denmark
  •  Villa Organic AS (farming): Demerged and Lerøy Aurora acquires eight new fish production licenses
  • Rode Beheer BV (VAPS&D): Shareholding increased to 50.1% in the Dutch seafood group
  • Sjøtroll Havbruk AS (Farming): Acquisition of 50.71% of the shares
  • Austevoll Seafood ASA reduces its ownership of LSG from 74.93% to 63.73%
  • Austevoll Seafood ASA increases its ownership of LSG from 33.34% to 74.93%
  • Lerøy Vest (Farming): Acquisition of 100% of the shares via a busi- ness combination
  • Capital supply
  • Lerøy Hydrotech AS (Far- ming): Acquisition of 100% of the shares (currently consolidated in Lerøy Midt AS)
  • Capital supply
  • Lerøy Fossen AS (Farming & VAPS&D): Acquisition of 100% of the shares
  • Investment in whole salers (VAPS&D): Investments resulting in nationwide distribution of fresh fish
  • Bulandet Fiskeindustri AS (VAPS&D): Corporate relationship established with acquisition of more than 50% of the shares.
  • Lerøy Alfheim (VAPS&D): Investment within wholesalers and distribution in Norway
  • Laksefjord AS (Farming): Acquisition of 100% of the shares
  • Lerøy Aurora AS (Farming): Acquisition of 100% of the shares
  • Capital supply
  • Alfarm Alarko Lerøy (Associate): Partnership with Alarko Holding in Turkey
  • Lerøy Portugal (VAPS&D): Acquisition of 60% of shares (Portnor Lda)
  • Capital supply
  • Lerøy Midnor AS (Farming): Acquisition of 100% of the shares (currently consolidated in Lerøy Midt AS)
  • Lerøy Smøgen (VAPS&D): Investment in fish smoking company in Sweden
  • Listing on the Stock Exchange
  • Capital supply
  • Lerøy Sverige (VAPS&D): Investment in distribution companies in Sweden
  • Scottish Sea Farms Ltd: Investment established via 50% shareholding in Norskott Havbruk AS
  • Capital supply
  • Lerøy Hydrotech (Farming): The Group’s first investment (associate) in salmon production