One Lerøy
Values for the future
Lerøy can look back on several great years with impressive results, but we are constantly striving to do better.

As a fully-integrated seafood company, we gain unparalleled opportunities to drive the development of our value chain and product categories, in collaboration with key end customers worldwide.

The future development of our company will be determined by our ability to achieve continuous improvements, increased efficiency, innovation and development of sustainable solutions throughout the value chain.

We have to work hard to sustain the positive developments achieved in recent years – while constantly keeping our customers at the front of our minds, and relying on our values as strong foundations.

In 2017, we started the process of developing a continuous improvement programme specially designed for our Group – Lerøy Way. This was implemented after we had reported record-high results, and represents our principles guiding us how to improve together as one company – One Lerøy.

Unique alone - stronger together

By standardising, and working more closely as One Lerøy, the Group will better utilise strategies and opportunities across the organisation. This will lead to more efficient operations in the value chain, improve expertise sharing, increase long-term value creation and create a winning culture.

Vision for the group

We shall be the leading and most profitableglobal supplier of sustainable high-quality seafood.



Take action today – for a difference tomorrow


Vision, quality and sustainability

Safe, sustainable quality seafood