From cages to clothes

Recycling cages to make clothes and blankets

Have you ever looked at a fish farming cage and thought: “I could wear that or decorate my living room with it”? Probably not, but you might just change your mind when you read this!

In this age of sustainability, recycling is of increasing importance so that we leave behind the smallest possible eco-footprint. And what could be better than giving something you no longer use to someone who can create something new from it, for example old fish farming nets.

Innovative nylon

After use, our fish farm nets are handed over to Nofir, a company that collects discarded fishing tools from the fisheries and fish farming industry in Norway and Europe. In 2017, Lerøy delivered more than 635 tonnes of nets to be recycled into “econyl”, a nylon product made from waste.

The goal is to reuse and recycle this material eternally, bringing new life to what is currently classed as waste.

So, if you are interested in style, smart innovation and a green lifestyle, you may be able to wear clothes and furnish your home with products that have a long history from Norwegian fish farming, years before they arrive in the shops as textiles or blankets.

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