Approach to Stakeholder Engagement

A stakeholder is a group, organisation, member or system who affects or can be affected by an organization's actions (GRI definition).

Lerøy's values are open, honest, responsible and creative, and it is crucial for us to have a continuous and open dialogue with all our stakeholders.

Stakeholder engagement is an important building block for success towards the Group’s goal to becoming the most and effective supplier of sustainable seafood. Engagement with stakeholders helps us identify and manage our positive and negative impacts on the environment, social and governance related issues.

The purpose of stakeholder engagement is to ensure that Lerøy amplifies the positive impacts, mitigates the negative impacts, shares knowledge, best practices as well as ensures meaningful engagement with the stakeholders.

Open and honest communication with the stakeholders is essential for best possible cooperation. Stakeholder identification is a part of Lerøy’s materiality assessment process where relevant stakeholders are mapped out.

Lerøy Seafood Group communicates with its stakeholders via meetings, various reports (such as the annual report, the stock exchange reports, CDP reports etc.), communication in the media, announcements, joint projects, partnerships, websites and social media.