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Quality control

The Group invested in a new food safety surveillance programme in 2019 and have further developed this program in 2020.

The programme imports microbiological results from product samples, cleaning samples and environmental samples directly from the laboratory as soon as the results are ready. The processing facility receives the results immediately and the results are then visualized in the system automatically.

For environmental samples (microbiological samples of equipment, direct and indirect contact surfaces), the results are imported and visualised in a chart, making it easy to analyse trends and see where and when detections occur and take corrective action. To date, 15 processing facilities have implemented the system, and an additional facilities will be added in 2021 

The system has enable us to take action on non-conformities early ensuring food safety on end products. One example is to block a fillet machine if Listeria monocytogenes is detected on the environmental surfaces before Listeria contaminate products. 

Group quality system: 

All the companies within the Group use the same quality system: Lerøy Quality Management system(Lerøy QMS). The system enable us to share procedures and instruction across companies, register controls and audits, send improvements, non-conformities and corrective actions electronically across companies and make common risk analysis of operations. 

The system helps Lerøy to work as one, as it is a tool too share knowledge and improvements across and between companies in the group.