Protect our oceans



The maximum legislative limit for fish density in a cage is 25 kg/m3 but the results for 2019 were far below this limit, indicating that the fish have plenty of space in the cages.

Fish health and fish welfare are at the core of our operations as a producer of Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout. As such, we are committed to both ethical and statutory obligations governed by Norwegian legislation.

A healthy fish is also a good fish for production and a prerequisite for good financial results. There are therefore numerous incentives for putting fish health and fish welfare at the top of the agenda for fish-farming operations. In an effort to ensure that we continuously fulfil these obligations, the Group has chosen to invest substantial resources in preventive measures for fish health, and this is now a major part of the production strategy for the entire Group.

In a cage with fish, there will be  at least 97.5% water and at most 2.5% fish

Main goal density: Less than 25 kg/m3