Aurora Salmon® supreme norwegian salmon

Refined on nature's terms

Perfection from sea to sky

In the breathtaking surroundings of Northern Norway, the magical ‘blue hour’ looks like nowhere else on Earth. The majestic landscape is bathed in a magical blue light when night becomes day and day becomes night. Nature is in no rush. The result of this patience, as always, is perfection - this holds true whether it’s in the sky or in the sea. Take your time. Appreciate natural perfection.

The dancing spirits

Throughout history, the ghostly, eerie spectacle of the Aurora Borealis has been steeped in myth and superstition. Some believed the spectral lights to be human spirits dancing across the sky. For others, the lights were the spirits of seals, whales and salmon whirling across the heavens. In the dark, clear winter skies over Northern Norway, the dance continues.

Used by Japan’s most demanding sushi chefs

Japan’s sushi chefs – the ‘Itamae’ – know all about the virtues of patience. After all, their training can take up to 6 years to complete. For them, no detail is too small in a country renowned for its seafood; the Itamae know that perfection takes time. Perhaps it’s no surprise that, with such devotion to their art, Itamae work with only the very finest ingredients. In 2006, a delegation of Japan’s leading seafood experts came to Norway with one goal: to find the finest sushi-grade salmon in the world. Under the spectacular Aurora Borealis – the fabled Northern Lights - they found their prize: Aurora Salmon®. Japan’s most demanding sushi chefs have been using it ever since.

When perfection matters, take your time

Aurora Salmon® is refined on nature’s terms - and nature never rushes. The deeply cold, clear polar waters in Northern Norway mean Aurora Salmon® matures slowly, growing steadily fatter than other types of salmon. The result? A uniquely sweet flavour and rich, vibrant colour - with a luxurious texture that is unrivalled. Nature knows true perfection takes time. Take your time and enjoy its rewards.

Aurora Salmon Fillet

Aurora Salmon Whole fish

Blue Hour Edition

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