As fresh as it gets!

A top quality salmon loin, freshly
harvested and packed the same day.

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Lerøy Fjord Trout

Kissed by a Glacier

This exclusive fish has been raised
in the cold, clear glacier waters.

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You cannot copy the taste!

Traditionally dry salted fjord trout,
smoked with local dark alder wood.

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Aurora Salmon

Big in Japan!

Premium Norwegian
Salmon for sushi.

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Creating Tasteful Solutions

  • The history

    From the time fisherman-farmer Ole Mikkel Lerøy first sold fish at the fishmarket in 1899, Lerøy has become the leading exporter of seafood in Norway.

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  • The complete value chain

    We follow the salmon from egg to finished product and aim to take good care of the environment, fish and all people involved in production.

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