Food Safety

Lerøy Seafood Group is actively involved in all parts of the value chain in order to ensure supply of safe products to the consumer. Based on experience gained over many years, we have developed a quality system comprising routines and procedures to ensure supply of safe products.

As a part of our quality assurance routines, we carry out control and monitoring of our manufacturers and partners. This involves specifying requirements for their quality systems and routines, and carrying out analyses and monitoring operations. Our quality team carries out from 250 to 300 quality audits every year. Moreover, the products are controlled by Lerøy Seafood Group at different stages throughout the entire production process; from egg, boat and purchasing station to the finished and boxed product and, in certain cases, up to delivery to the customer.

For many years, Lerøy Seafood Group has followed a definitive strategy for quality assurance. The Group companies have developed different control systems based on their position in the value chain. We have certifications including GLOBALG.A.P., MSC, ASC, ISO 14001, HACCP, IFS and BRC.


Lerøy has full traceability on all our products. Fishtrack is Lerøy`s own traceability program available for our partners. Fishtrack automatically collects tracking data from the fish farmer's own operating system Fishtalk and link the information to an invoice.

When salmon and trout is harvested, a CV connected to the invoice become available at our webpage. The CV contains information about brood stock, smolt, farm, feed, treatment, harvest date, processing station and quality information like fat level and colour. Our partners get a user ID and password on Fishtrack and have the traceability for purchased fish available online at all times.


Link til Fishtrack