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Supplier to Lerøy Seafood Group

In this section you will find information about Lerøy seafood Group’s expectations and requirements to our suppliers

Our suppliers are one of Lerøy’s most important successfactors for achieving our goals and ambitions. Therefore, we seek to establish close relations to our suppliers and we expect that our suppliers always deliver goods and services at a high standard.

“We appreciate diversity in our supply chain and our presence in local markets shall create positive local ripple effects.”

Together, we shall secure continuous improvement within areas such as: HSE, technology, cost and sustainability.


Our values
We expect that our suppliers are acting in accordance with our values.

How to become a supplier

Lerøy is a large Group with activities in many countries. To assure a common approach to suppliers, Lerøy has implemented a common Global Procurement Policy which is available here.

As an overarching principle are tendering processes executed with competition and relevant suppliers are invited to participate.

All new suppliers must minimum meet the following requirements:
Icon process