Group management
Picture of Henning Beltestad
Henning Beltestad
Chief Executive Officer
Henning Beltestad has been CEO of Lerøy Seafood Group since 2010. He started in Hallvard Lerøy ASA in 1993 and has had many positions within the firm since then. Henning Beltestad became managing director of Hallvard Lerøy AS in 2007, and in 2008 he became a boardmember in the Group management with Sales and Distribution as his field of responsibility. Henning Beltestad has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the Norwegian School of Management. He owns no shares.
Picture of Stig Nilsen
Stig Nilsen
Excecutive Vice President Farming
Stig Nilsen (1959) has been Excecutive Vice President Farming since 2010. Stig Nilsen has worked within Lerøy since 2003, when he was first hired as CEO of Lerøy Aurora AS. Nilsen has extensive experience from the seafood sector previously to his employment with LSG, including experience from the fish feed sector. Stig Nilsen holds an Agronomist degree in addition to being educated within the field of aquaculture. He owns 1,784 shares.
Picture of Sjur Malm
Sjur Malm
Chief Financial Officer
Sjur Malm (1979) was appointed as the CFO of Lerøy Seafood Group ASA 2012. He joined the company from a position as analyst for SEB Enskilda, where he had been employed since 2004. Since 2007, Malm has worked as an analyst within the Fishing and Industry sector for SEB Enskilda, and has several times been named best analyst in Norway within those sectors in which he has been involved. Sjur Malm holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and he has also completed a Graduate Programme in Economics and Business Administration at the same school. Sjur Malm owns 1,500 shares in Lerøy Seafood Group ASA.
Picture of Webjørn Barstad
Webjørn Barstad
Webjørn Barstad has been CEO of HAVFISK since 1 January 2015. Webjørn Barstad managed daily operations at Strand Havfiske for four years before coming to HAVFISK, and his previous positions include department manager at Fiskebåtredernes Forbund (now Fiskebåt) and consultant at Norges Fiskarlag, and he started his career in production/sales in the fisheries company L.S. Larsen Eftf. in Ålesund in 1991. Webjørn Barstad was educated at Heriott-Watt University Business School in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he attained BA Hons. Business Organization and MSc International Banking and Financial Studies. Webjørn Barstad is a member of the boards of Fiskebåt (The organisation of the sea fishing fleet) and Surofi (Sunnmøre og Romsdal Fiskesalslag). As at 01 January 2016, Webjørn Barstad held no shares or stock options in the company.