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Norway Seafoods

Norway Seafoods is our quality brand for sustainable whitefish caught in the wild – and sourced from the Arctic seas in the north.

The flavour of wild-caught fish

One of our main products is the Arctic cod fished off the coast of North Norway, where the water temperatures are low and the waters pure and full of nutrients.

Norway Seafoods logo

More than 1,700 fishers, working from the smallest smacks to the largest trawlers, deliver their catches every day to our packaging plants north of the Arctic Circle. The very best raw ingredients are picked, processed and packaged, then distributed to markets worldwide. 

With a history of more than 140 years of fishing in these waters, it is safe to say that our Norway Seafoods products are the result of more than a century of developing and preserving a proud craft. Norway Seafoods also supplies wild-caught whitefish such as saithe, haddock and halibut and others – providing consumers with a wide range of safe and delicious seafood.

Visit Norway Seafoods website (only in Norwegian and Swedish).