Privacy Policy


This privacy policy statement is about how Lerøy Seafood Group ASA collects and utilises personal data about you. Our intention is to assure you that laws and regulations are complied with when you visit our website.


1.     Contact information
2.     Data Controller
3.     The Personal Data Act
4.     Purpose and basis for processing of personal data
5.     Which data is processed?
6.     Web analytics and cookies
7.     Access to the information
8.     Direct marketing
9.     How we safeguard the data
10.   Your rights
11.   Amendments to the statement


1.    Contact information

If you have questions or comments about this statement or how we process personal data, please contact us at, or send a letter to Lerøy Seafood Group ASA, Bontelabo 2, 5020 Bergen, Norway.

2.    Data Controller

Lerøy Seafood Group ASA, represented by the CEO, is the data controller for the company's processing of personal data.

3.    The Personal Data Act

This Privacy Policy applies to all users of our web pages and all processing of personal data that occurs in connection with such use.

The statement contains information that you are entitled to when retrieving personal data from our site.

4.    Purpose and basis for processing of personal data

Lerøy Seafood Group ASA collects and processes personal data relating to the use of our websites for the following purposes and services: registration of CV / job application, subscription to our Job Agent, application for authoring a student assignment, application for a Lerøy kick-off kit, net statistics, and administration and improvement of the web pages and services.  Personal data about you will be used solely for these purposes. Providing personal data in connection with services on the website is a voluntary action on your part, and request for your consent will be clearly stated where this is required.

Lerøy Seafood Group ASA may in certain instances process personal data about you, if this is necessary to determine, enforce or defend a legal claim or to fulfil a legal obligation.

5.    Which data is processed?

We process both personally identifiable information (PII), and non-personally identifiable information about you. Personally identifiable information is information that identifies you as an individual. Non-personally identifiable information is information and other particulars that do not reveal your personal identity.

Examples of personally identifiable information that can be processed:

  • In our career portal you will be asked to fill out an application form with your name, email, telephone number, address, gender, education and work experience, when applying for a job.
  • When subscribing to our Job Agent you will be asked to register your name and email. Each newsletter contains a link for unsubscribing to the Job Agent.
  • When applying to write a student assignment you will be asked to fill out an application form with your name, email, telephone number and education.
  • When applying for a Lerøy Kick-off kit, you will be asked to register contact details. 
  • If you contact Lerøy Seafood Group ASA via the web pages, for example, by sending us an email, relevant information may be stored, such as your name and email address.
  • When you visit, your IP address will be registered. Lerøy Seafood Groups ASA does not directly link this information to you as a user. We use the information to manage and maintain our pages. Examples of what the statistics provide answers to are: how many people visit different pages, how long the visit lasts, keywords, which websites the users come from and which browser is used. It enables us to develop ever better and more user-friendly options. See more about web analytics and cookies below.

6.    Web analytics and cookies

Lerøy Seafood Groups ASA collects and processes unidentified information about visitors at We use common Internet technologies, including Google Analytics, to gather information about users so that we can always provide the best possible functionality and further develop information options on the website. This information is retrieved from the computer's browser and may include the IP address, operating system, browser software (such as "Microsoft Internet Explorer"), screen resolution and sender network page.

6.1  How to deactivate cookies

By using our webpages, you agree to the use of cookies. We do not store information that can identify you personally through this. The most commonly used browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) are set up to accept cookies automatically. If you do not want cookies to be saved, most browsers will offer the option to deactivate cookies in the browser menu under "Settings." We note that our websites will not work optimally if you deactivate cookies.

7.    Access to the information

To ensure that the processing of personal data is executed in a secure manner, only authorised persons in Lerøy Seafood Group ASA have access to the information you provide. Only a limited number of employees have this approval.

We will not disclose, sell, distribute, share, forward or otherwise disclose any information or personal data to any third party.

8.    Direct marketing

We do not allow any third party to use your personal data for marketing or communication purposes.

9.    How we safeguard the data

Lerøy Seafood Group ASA always ensures that the processing of personal data is secure and lawful, and only uses this information for expressly stated and legitimate purposes, in accordance with applicable legislation. We ensure correct data security related to confidentiality, integrity and accessibility. Personal data will not be stored longer than is necessary to be able to accomplish the purpose of the processing.

We ensure that our employees and our data processors that have access to information about you, process your personal data in accordance with this statement and our obligations pursuant to privacy protection legislation.

10.  Your rights

As a rule, you have the right to access, correct and delete personal data that Lerøy Seafood Group ASA processes about you. The privacy protection regulations, in certain situations, entitle you to demand restrictions on processing, to object to the processing and to receive data in a machine readable format (data portability). You also have the right to withdraw consent for processing personal data about you. 

If you wish to exercise these rights, we ask that you contact Lerøy Seafood Group ASA’s data controller. See contact information at the beginning of the statement.

We delete employee data when a user notifies us that he / she no longer wishes to use the service.  For example, your e-mail address that is used for the sending of newsletters will be deleted when you unsubscribe, but also if we receive feedback that it (e-mail address) is not active.

11.  Amendments to the statement

Lerøy Seafood Group ASA reserves the right to amend or update the Privacy Policy Statement. All changes are valid from the time they are posted and will include information collected from that date as well as existing information stored by Lerøy Seafood Group ASA. You can ascertain when these policies were last revised by viewing "Most recently updated" at the top of this page.


Last updated 16.05.2018