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Fjord trout

Our trout are born and farmed in the magnificent fjords that lie nestled among the enchanting high mountains of West Norway, and are in demand all over the world.

From fjord to table

The tale of Lerøy and fjord trout starts way back in 1899, when the young Ole Mikkel Lerøen would row the long journey, time after time, to sell his fresh fish at the fish market in Bergen. 

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Today, our fjord trout spend their early years in the fresh water running down from the 10,000-year- old Folgefonna glacier. They are then farmed in the beautiful fjords that lie nestled among the majestic mountain peaks of West Norway – in fjord waters more than 400 metres deep that are refreshed with clear, pure, fresh glacial melt water. These glacial waters, when combined with the sea water in the fjords, provide the best possible conditions for trout.

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Fjord trout has a unique, deep red-coloured flesh and is both tender yet firm, with a delicate and fresh flavour. Lerøy is Norway´s largest producer of fjord trout and can provide a complete range of products all year round, from whole, fresh fish to appetising smoked products. Our delicious fjord trout can be served on tables in the Far East a mere 72 hours after packaging.

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