Economic Impact

Local communities

The Group aims to develop positive, close cooperation with local communities, by investing in buildings and infrastructure, and by sponsoring and supporting local events.

Lerøy Seafood Group’s companies are often located in decentralised areas, making significant contributions to employment and income in the local communities. As far as we know, we have not affected any communities negatively. The Group aims to develop positive, close cooperation with these communities, and contribute by sponsoring and supporting local sports clubs and festivals/ various events. The Group supports various local activities related to children and young people. Diet, health and healthy eating are important common values in this collaboration.  It is therefore rewarding to see children and young people enjoying healthy food at different events supported by the Group.

Through our decentralised locations, we also contribute to investments in buildings, infrastructure, quays, floating quays and modern equipment in small, local communities. These form the grounds for local commerce. In fact, we represent 25-80% of the economic basis for certain suppliers in the municipalities in which we have facilities.

According to a spin-off analysis performed by Nofima, based on 2013 figures, the fish farming industry generates a number of spin-off effects.  The table below shows the most significant  of these.

• Industry

- Rubber goods and plastic industry

- Machine industry

- Textile industry

- Machine repairs and installation

- Chemical industry 

- Metal industry 

- Timber and wood industry 

- Paper and paper goods industry

- Computer and electronics industry

- Transportation industry

- Printing, graphic industry 

- Mineral product industry

- Electrotechnical industry

• Agriculture, forestry and fishing 

• Transport and storage 

• Commodities, car repairs 

• Financial services and insurance 

• Professional, scientific and technical services 

• Building and construction 

• Power supply 

• Public admin, defence, social insurance 

• Sale and operation of real estate 

• Commercial services 

• Information and communication 

• Hotel and restaurant trade 

• Mining and extraction 

• Water, sewage and waste removal 

• Other services 

• Cultural activities, entertainment etc. 

• Health and social services 

• Commodities, repair of vehicles

 • Education

When measured in terms of value creation per full-time equivalent, the individual businesses made the following contributions in 2014*:

 Fishing and catches NOK 1,082 million per full- time equivalent 

  Aquaculture NOK 2,663 million per full-time equivalent 

— Fish processing NOK 1,103 million per full-time equivalent

When transferred to Lerøy Seafood Group in Norway, this will provide the following value creation:

The figures above are based on own figures and figures obtained from Nofima and SINTEF's ripple effect analyses.

Through sponsorships Lerøy supports sports and other local organisations around the country, because we believe in giving back to and support the local communities where we have our activities. 

The coast of Norway and its coastal communities would not be the same without fisheries and the fish farming industry. Lerøy is proud to play a major role in this respect.