Environmental Impact

Accidental release

Prevention of accidental release of fish is an extremely important and high-priority area for Lerøy Seafood Group. The key elements of prevention are Attitude, Action, and Responsibility.

The Group invests a considerable amount of work in optimising equipment and routines specifically to avoid accidental release of fish. Actual incidents of accidental release and all events that may lead to accidental release are reported to the fisheries authorities.

Securing against accidental release is a question of focusing on execution and action, good planning of all operations to ensure safe execution, and efficient re-examination of operations. Key elements are: ATTITUDE, ACTION and RESPONSIBILITY. 

However, these have no impact if not clearly defined by management. Moreover, it is essential that all employees are made aware of their responsibility to ensure zero – 0 – accidental release of fish within our companies.

The Advisory Group for Safety and the Environment plays an important role in this work. In addition to in-house processes, the group is responsible for the quality assurance and auditing of our suppliers in terms of the role they play from an environmental perspective, where prevention of accidental release is key.

In 2017, Lerøy accidentally released 1219 fish.

14 June: 1200 trout from Sjøtroll Havbruk due to a crack in a tank; 1064 fish recaptured.

31July: 15 salmon from Lerøy Midt upon delivery.

15 September: 4 salmon from Lerøy Midt in connection with delousing.