The Group

3 different segments

Lerøy Seafood Group’s business is divided into three different main segments; "Farming", "Wild Catch and Whitefish", and, "VAP, Sales and Distribution".

The primary business of the segment Wild Catch and Whitefish is wild fish fished by the company’s trawlers as well as processing of wild fish, mainly cod, saithe, haddock, king crab, snow crab and shrimps.

The Farming segment comprises the Group’s activities involving production of salmon and trout, and includes harvesting and an increasing volume of filleting. The Group produce their own broodstock fish but have a close cooperation with Benchmark and Aqua Gen about breeding programs.  The Group companies in this segment represent a major employer along the Norwegian coastline, and strive to be visible and supportive in all operating regions.

The VAP, Sales and Distribution segment has a global reach, and is involved in processing of the Group’s own raw materials as well as a large volume of raw materials from partners and the Group’s network of suppliers, sales, market development, product development and distribution. This segment is also involved in high-value processing of primarily salmon and trout, but also other species. The segment’s products are increasingly sold to a global market.