Strengthen our communities

Local value creation

The Group seek to maximize the use of local suppliers, work force and producers where we operate and to generate sustainable economic value.

The Group is a corporation involved in global business and working relationships with suppliers and subcontractors worldwide. In 2021, the Group had more than 4000 suppliers in Norway alone.

Purchasing in Norway in 2021 also involved more than 280 different municipalities. Total purchasing in Norway, excluding intragroup, amounted to NOK 12.8 billion.


Value creation 2021

Revenue: 23 073 280 (1 000 NOK)

Pre-tax profit: 2 440 339 (1 000 NOK)


Purchasing, excl. intragroup, in Norway: 

NOK 12,8 billion

These are distributed as follows:

Purchasing, incl. intragroup, in Norway: 

NOK 27.4 billion

Purchasing in Norway from

4 070 different suppliers

Purchasing from suppliers in Norway in

287 different municipalities

Tax payments by employees in Norway:

More than NOK 647 million

Tax payments from the company:

NOK 386.57 million

3 111 full-time equivalents in Norway

NOK 1 034 million paid by the Group and its  employees in Norway in taxes and duties

982 places in nursing homes and 5 806 children in municipal kindergartens