Environmental Impact

Focus areas and targets

The Group carries out a critical evaluation of the value chain and our processes, paying special attention to efforts related to the environment and sustainability.

For Lerøy Seafood Group as a corporation, maintaining a constant focus on areas where we have the greatest influence in terms of sustainability is essential. Based on a critical evaluation of the value chain and our processes, we have concluded that we currently have the greatest influence within our work on the various areas related to our fisheries and fish-farming activities. A major share of our efforts related to the environment and sustainability will therefore focus on these areas.The management at different levels in the organization have functional descriptions that contain different goals, also for sustainability. Goal achievement contributes to the payment of bonuses.  

The different sizes of the images in the value chain to the right represent how we prioritise work on sustainability within the different parts of the value chain.

A materiality assessment was performed in 2015, involving interviews of in-house and external stakeholders. The assessment concluded that our sustainability reporting should focus on five main areas: product, employees, environment, society and value chain. These areas will therefore receive particular focus.

Lerøy Seafood Group believes that aquaculture activities must be conducted with an “eternal perspective” as a condition for exploitation of coastal resources. The Group works hard to constantly improve the interaction between fish farming and the environment, aiming to generate positive and lasting environmental benefits. We work continuously to reduce our emissions to the environment, especially our emissions that effect the climate. Every company within The Group work to reduce their emissions.

The Group’s environmental vision – “Take action today for a difference tomorrow” – is a clear signal from every employee that every day we will be pushing for improvements to benefit the environment, aquaculture and our coastal communities.

There are five main elements to the Group’s environmental work within fish-farming activities:

  • Work to prevent accidental release of fish
  • Measures to reduce salmon lice
  • Fish health and fish welfare
  • Efficient utilisation of land and sea areas
  • Reduced discharge of nutrient salts from premises



Environmental targets have been established for the following indicators:

In addition, all our production units have their own targets for:

  • Food waste
  • CO2 reduction
  • Plastic reduction