Ensure earnings and returns


We are involved in sustainable value creation from a perpetual perspective.

Our values – open, honest, responsible and creative – shall represent the very foundations for our decisions and actions. Lerøy maintains a very strong focus on the customer. We succeed when our customers succeed. It is our goal to help our customers succeed in terms of sustainable growth and an integrated, efficient and creative value chain. 

Our vision is to be the leading and most profitable global supplier of sustainable, high quality seafood. Our goal over the next three to five years is to create the world’s most efficient and sustainable value chain for seafood.

The seafood business has a long history and has developed into a global industry, but remains very fragmented with complex value chains. Lerøy believes that the best way to fulfil the requirements made by customers and end consumers on food safety, traceability, sustainability, stability, efficiency and product development is to have a fully integrated value chain. Throughout the Group’s history, this has shaped Lerøy’s strategy of developing an integrated value chain, controlling every process from roe or catches to the finished products delivered to the consumer.

Priority tasks at Lerøy are

  1. Understand and fulfil customer and market opportunities
  2. Increase operational efficiency
  3. Reduce the footprint in our own value chain
  4. Develop the people at Lerøy
  5. Create a learning and innovative organisation

In 2021, Lerøy developed a green financing framework with clearly defined sustainability criteria, verified by a third party. We issued our very first green bond loan totalling NOK 1.5 billion and divided into three tranches. Prior to the issue, Lerøy was classified as “investment grade” by a credit rating agency.


Direct economic value generated and distributed