Materiality Assessment

Materiality assessment is the principle of defining the social and environmental topics that matter most to our business and our stakeholders. Lerøy Seafood Group ASA conducted it’s first materiality analysis in 2016 which we updated in 2020. The results are based on feedback from our key internal and external stakeholders through interviews and meetings. The updated materiality assessment is included as part of the annual report for 2021 which has been approved by the group management and the Board of Directors.

We have also received feedback from customers, authorities and NGOs. During the last few years there has been an increasing focus on sustainability issues, which has influenced which indicators are most important to our stakeholders and where we need to focus going forward.

The updated assessment identified 6 key indicators, and the end result is shown in the matrix graph below that plots how each indicator ranks in significance. The relative importance to these six indicators will vary between the different stakeholders.