Certification is proof that an independent third party has validated the company's compliance with the requirements in a specific standard. A company’s choice of standards is based on the company strategy and customer requirements.

Without certification, the company has no third-party independent documentation of compliance with requirements, which in turn delimits access to the market and may restrict value creation, development and compliance.

Our ambitions in this area

Lerøy has obtained certification according to the world's most stringent standards for seafood. We shall operate all our farming localities in accordance with ASC requirements, and adapt the number of ASC certified localities according to market demand. 100% of Lerøy's processing facilities that produce RTE (ready-to-eat) products or are subject to customer requirements for such certification shall have GFSI certification.

How we work in the area

For several years, Lerøy has accumulated strategic certification in line with our target to be the most efficient and sustainable supplier of high-quality seafood. The Wild Catch segment has MSC certification. The Farming segment has the following certification; Global GAP, ASC, Lerøy SalmonTM and organic salmon (Debio), and the VAP, Sales and Distribution segment has the following certification; GFSI food safety standards such as IFS, BRC and FSSC 22000.

In 2021, Lerøy certified additional locations according to ASC and processing plants according GFSI and Lerøy SalmonTM

Our certifications

Lerøy Salmon


How we measure our impact

The Group has signed a framework agreement with DNV comprising clear expectations for synergies between different certifications and companies. The framework agreement is monitored centrally, with central follow-up of audits, nonconformances and certification status for all companies, and identification of synergies between these. This means that the group centrally monitors that the audit is carried out within the deadline and that all deviations are closed within the deadline.

Any deviations from a plant are distributed to the remaining plants so that deviations are not repeated, so we ensure effective improvement work across the group's companies.

Action taken due to results per KPI

Lerøy Seafood Group continuously seeks improvements that can help us reduce our environmental impact and sustain our culture for food safety. One essential part of the verification process for Lerøy is to sustain our certifications and to increase the level of certification within ASC and GFSI. 


 Targets per KPI and Results per KPI

In 2021, two more processing locations where certified GFSI (BRC, FSSC 22000), in 2022 addititional two processing station are planned GFSI certified (FSSC). Additional three farms have had initial ASC audit and are planned ASC certified in 2022.






Share of wild caught fish with MSC certification 





Share of localities with GGAP or ASC certification





Processing plants with GFSI certification