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SUSTAINABILITY LIBRARY 2023 Fish feed Novel feed ingredients

Novel feed ingredients

The Group has for the last 5 years been a pioneer in the large-scale use of new raw materials. Through our engagement, Lerøy has shouldered the cost of developing of the supplier industry within microalgaes. When Lerøy started using microalgae, there was only one producer, today there are four.

To be able to justify the increased production costs, we depend on a competitive price package for these raw materials. Today, price and production volume are not satisfactory to be able to justify an increase in volume to be included in the feed.

Lerøy has taken leadership in the pursuit of new and sustainable raw materials. We have chosen to focus on alternatives for marine omega 3 out of concern for fish quality, fish welfare, securing the supply and out of marine ecology concerns. Microalgae helps Lerøy to increase the level of EPA+DHA in the feed without further increasing the dependency on traditional fisheries.

Lerøy is always looking into the alternatives to source high quality feed ingredients from the oceans. Low trophic fisheries like krill or mesopelagic fish are options of great potential. Another unique opportunity Lerøy have, is the integration of our own white fish value chain with regards to increase the use of high-quality trimmings.

Our commitment does not stop there. Through Lerøy Ocean Harvest, we run projects where we investigate species like blue mussels, and its potential as a marine raw material in feed. We also collaborate with the external party Bellona in Ocean Forest, where the spearpoint research into low trophic feed sources are ongoing. This show that Lerøy is not solely relaying on our suppliers to solve the needs of tomorrow, but we are actively working and funding the hunt for alternatives ourselves.

Lerøy has also used insect meal the last years, but the available volumes offered today is still miniscule, and the costs are high. Through our work with novel feed ingredients Lerøy has invested significant values in the development of new raw materials for fish feed. An estimate based on 2022 averages says that Lerøy's investment in novel feed ingredients is approx. NOK 350 million over the last 4 years. We still continue our support and are actively buying algae oil and insect protein in 2023.







Total feed used (tonn)

242 754

252 173

270 000

280 000

Total marine raw materials (%)





Use of forage fish percentage of marine ingredients (%)





Trimmings, percentage of marine ingredients (%)





Aproximately accumulated spend on novel feed ingredients (MNOK)





R&D spend on novel feed ingredients (% of total R&D spend)








Risk assessment novel feed ingredients

Risk assessment novel feed ingredients tabel
Risk assessment novel feed ingredients