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SUSTAINABILITY LIBRARY 2023 Group quality system

Group quality system

Internal audits and certifications

To be able to comply or exceed internal and external requirements, and to work with continuous improvement, Lerøy have developed a quality management system based on Environmental, social and food safety standards.


Certification is proof that an independent third party has validated the company's compliance with the requirements in a specific standard.

Lerøy’s choice of standards is based on the company strategy and customer requirements, which in turn give access to the market and create value, development and compliance .

To comply, Lerøy perform internal audits to ensure a violable quality management system and continuous improvement.

Our ambition in this area

  • Farm operations: 100% of our farm operation are either GlobalGAP or ASC certified
  • Processing facilities: 100% are certified according to an GFSI food safety standard within 2025.
  • Suppliers: 100% of our suppliers to obtain an GFSI certification where applicable .
  • Internal audits: Increase the level of internal audits in the company, internal audits are an important area for continuous improvement and training
Lerøy Seafood Group is continuously seeking to identify improvements which may reduce our environmental impact and sustain our food safety culture.

How we work in the area

Lerøy has obtained certification according to the world's most stringent standards for seafood, this is  in line with our target to be the most efficient and sustainable supplier of high-quality seafood.

All Lerøy farm locations are either Globalgap or ASC certified, the number of ASC certified locations are according to market demand. Lerøy also have farm locations with organic certification (Debio) and Lerøy SalmonTM .

Our processing facilities have GFIS food certification IFS, BRC, FSSC 22000 in addition to chain of custody certifications on ASC, Globalgap, organic and Lerøy SalmonTM 

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All internal audits are registered in our Quality Management system: Lerøy QMS.  Non conformities and corrective actions are shared between companies in the Group, in addition PowerBI reports are developed for easy access to trends.

How we measure our impact

The Group has signed a framework agreement with third party CAB comprising clear expectations for synergies between different certifications and companies. The framework agreement is monitored centrally, with central follow-up of audits, nonconformances and certification status for all companies, and identification of synergies between these. This means that the group centrally monitors that the audit is carried out within the deadline and that all deviations are closed within the deadline.

Any deviations from a plant are distributed to the remaining plants so that deviations are not repeated, so we ensure effective improvement work across the group's companies.

As a part of the Group’s programme for continuous improvement and preventive action, the Group conducted in total 921 documented audits and inspection events in 2022. These includes 363 inspections related to  food safety audits and 558 audits and inspections performed by a third party (certification bodies, authorities) and internal audits (safety inspection, internal audits, supplier audits).

These audits resulted in 2592 related incidents (non-conformities, observations and improvements suggestions) leading to corrective actions. All related incidents were closed within time limit. All processing facilities follows a food safety audit rotation plan covering all important aspects of the production, minimum quarterly. In addition food safety quality controls are performed daily on each batch.

Corrective action rate is the number of corrective action plans completed in accordance with the relevant GFSI scheme, no later than 30 days from the audit date, to address major non-conformances, divided by the total number of major non-conformances that have been identified. In 2022 no Lerøy facilities received GFSI fundamental, critical or major nonconformities, so the correction action rate  (rate of correction actions) is 0.

All minor non conformities where rectified and closed within time limit. BRC certification grade for the processing facilities were AA+ (11%), AA (78%) and B+ (11%). BRC level range from AA+ to D.


✔️Food safety 

✔️High quality

✔️Identify improvements

✔️Reduce our environmental impact

✔️Sustain our food safety culture

✔️Gain certification

Actions taken due to result

Lerøy Seafood Group continuously seeks improvements that can help us reduce our environmental impact and sustain our culture for food safety. One essential part of the verification process for Lerøy is to sustain our certifications and to increase the level of certification within ASC and GFSI. 


Targets and Results 

In 2023, 93% of the Lerøy facilities processing products had an GFSI certifications (FSSC22000, BRC or IFS). Our road map and goal is to have 100% GFSI certified within 2025.








Share of localities with GGAP or ASC certification







Processing plants with GFSI certification







Lerøy Quality Management System

All the companies within the Group use the same quality system: Lerøy Quality Management system (Lerøy QMS).

The system enable us to share procedures and instruction across companies, register controls and audits, send improvements, non-conformities and corrective actions electronically  across companies and make common risk analysis of operations.

The system helps Lerøy to work as one, as it is a tool too share knowledge and improvements across and between companies in the group. Lerøy QMS also enable us to report as a group on ESG.