Product Development

Lerøy Seafood Group´s product developement department cooperates with production and sales to improve the quality of the products through the entire value chain.

Lerøy Seafood Group’s product development department is located at the Group’s headquarter in Bergen. The “One Lerøy Product development team” works through the entire value chain from the raw material to finished products in stores.

Every year, a variety of products are developed in different product groups adapted to different segments. The department cooperates with production and sales to achieve the requested products. The company's products are frequently nominated for prizes in various media/ innovation areas, and have won several awards.

Some OF OUR new products


New seaweed-based product 

Our seaweed thrives in the nutrient-rich waters surrounding ethically run fish farms. The production of Mær requires no additional feeds or fertilisers. We harvest natural goodness, while protecting the source. Our packaging materials have all been chosen for their environmentally responsible qualities, while also ensuring the product reaches the consumer in perfect condition.