The Group

Important events

From 1999, when the Group made its first investment in salmon production, a series of very important events have developed, which have led to turn Lerøy Seafood Group into one of the world's largest seafood corporations. The construction and opening of new factories and production facilities and the integration of the whitefish companies, Havfisk and Norway Seafoods Group, are among the events that dominated the past year.
  • Stern trawler Nordtind handed over from Vard Søviknes to Havfisk ASA
  • Production started at new factory on Jøsnøya island, Hitra (Farming)
  • Leroy Processing Spain: New facilities opened in Valencia, Barcelona and Alicante
  • Reconstruction in Stamsund to increase production of ready-to-eat products (wild fish)
  • Kjærelva, Fitjar (Farming): Construction start new production plant
  • Leroy Processing Spain: New facilities opened in Barcelona and Valencia(VAPS&D)
  • Rode VAPS&D: Construction start new industrial building in Urk, the Netherlands
  • Construction of new factory at Jøsnøya Island, Hitra (Farming)
  • Capital supply
  • Acquisitions of 100% of the shares in Hav sk ASA (trawling operator) and Norway Seafoods Group AS (processing, sale and distribution of white fish)
  • Rode Beheer BV: Acquisition of the remaining 49.9% of the shares
  • Seistar Holding AS (shipping company involved in well boats): Acquisition of 50% of the shares in Seistar Holding AS
  • Lerøy Turkey (fish-cut): Shareholding increa- sed from 50% to 100% (former Alfarm Alarko Lerøy)
  • Norsk Oppdrettsservice AS (cleaner fish): Shareholding increa- sed from 34% to 51%
  • Senja Akvakultursenter AS (cleaner fish): Acquisition of 100% of the shares
  • Villa Organic AS (Farming): Acquisition of 49,4 % of the shares
  • Fish-cut investment: Investments in new facilities in Norway, France, Spain and Denmark
  •  Villa Organic AS (farming): Demerged and Lerøy Aurora acquires eight new fish production licenses
  • Rode Beheer BV (VAPS&D): Shareholding increased to 50.1% in the Dutch seafood group
  • Sjøtroll Havbruk AS (Farming): Acquisition of 50.71% of the shares
  • Austevoll Seafood ASA reduces its ownership of LSG from 74.93% to 63.73%
  • Austevoll Seafood ASA increases its ownership of LSG from 33.34% to 74.93%
  • Lerøy Vest (Farming): Acquisition of 100% of the shares via a busi- ness combination
  • Capital supply
  • Lerøy Hydrotech AS (Far- ming): Acquisition of 100% of the shares (currently consolidated in Lerøy Midt AS)
  • Capital supply
  • Lerøy Fossen AS (Farming & VAPS&D): Acquisition of 100% of the shares
  • Investment in whole salers (VAPS&D): Investments resulting in nationwide distribution of fresh fish
  • Bulandet Fiskeindustri AS (VAPS&D): Corporate relationship established with acquisition of more than 50% of the shares.
  • Lerøy Alfheim (VAPS&D): Investment within wholesalers and distribution in Norway
  • Laksefjord AS (Farming): Acquisition of 100% of the shares
  • Lerøy Aurora AS (Farming): Acquisition of 100% of the shares
  • Capital supply
  • Alfarm Alarko Lerøy (Associate): Partnership with Alarko Holding in Turkey
  • Lerøy Portugal (VAPS&D): Acquisition of 60% of shares (Portnor Lda)
  • Capital supply
  • Lerøy Midnor AS (Farming): Acquisition of 100% of the shares (currently consolidated in Lerøy Midt AS)
  • Lerøy Smøgen (VAPS&D): Investment in fish smoking company in Sweden
  • Listing on the Stock Exchange
  • Capital supply
  • Lerøy Sverige (VAPS&D): Investment in distribution companies in Sweden
  • Scottish Sea Farms Ltd: Investment established via 50% shareholding in Norskott Havbruk AS
  • Capital supply
  • Lerøy Hydrotech (Farming): The Group’s first investment (associate) in salmon production

Fleet renewal for Havfisk ASA

In January 2018, Havfisk received delivery of the combined trawler “Nordtind”, built by Vard Søviknes. The value of this contract was NOK 325 million. The newbuilding is a combination trawler (fresh and frozen fish) with dimensions 80.4 metres x 16.7 metres. In April 2018, the Group signed an agreement with Vard for the construction of an additional trawler of the same size. The value of the new contract is approx. NOK 400 million. This vessel will be the first stern trawler with integrated energy storage system, with the option for both battery operation, diesel-mechanic and diesel-electric propulsion. 


Jøsnøya, Hitra (Farming): Production start at new factory

In June 2018, production at the Group's new processing plant for salmon on the island of Jøsnøya in Hitra started. The construction of this factory represents a significant investment that will boost the Group's initiative within processed products. The Group is confident that this is the world’s most high-tech salmon processing plant. It can produce 70,000 tonnes in one shift per year, will substantially increase the volume of fillets transported and will provide major contributions to improved efficiency of the value chain for salmon.


Production start-up Kjærelva

In May 2017, Lerøy Vest AS and Sjøtroll Havbruk AS started work on the construction of one of the world’s largest RAS facilities for young fish at Kjærelva in Fitjar municipality. On completion in 2019, the building will be one of the largest and most productive young fish facilities in the world. The facility will have 12 departments, two of which are hatchery departments and 10 are RAS departments for further growth. The production facility will have the most advanced filters for water purification both for input and output water and will have close to zero discharges of nutrient salts. The first roe were introduced in the plant in 2018. 


Increased activity in Spain

Lerøy Processing Spain, the Group's sales and distribution company in Spain, currently operates four modern factories in the country. In 2018, two new plants in Valencia and Alicante were opened as an addition to the existing factories in Madrid and Barcelona. These factories produce sushi and ready meals, such as Japanese dumplings, and will have a separate gluten-free department for sushi. Lerøy now supplies seafood to close to 1,000 supermarkets in Spain. 


New investment in Stamsund

In 2018, Lerøy Norway Seafoods started reconstructing its plant in Stamsund in Vestvågøy municipality. This plant will produce ready-to-eat products.  Industrial processing of whitefish in Norway is challenging, but the Group is confident that such operations are possible and that the challenges can be solved by means of improved marketing and more efficient operations. This process will take time, but the Group is confident there are gains to be made.