The Group

Visions and Values

The Group has a strong focus on ensuring proper management of resources in the sea, allowing for growth for the seafood industry and the continuing supply of high-quality seafood in the future.

Lerøy Seafood Group, in collaboration with the entire organisation, has drawn up a set of values that apply to the entire Group. These were implemented in all Group companies in 2016/2017.

  • Creative
    There are several definitions of the word “creative”;  effective, enterprising, inventive and innovative. Creativity is based on the desire and capacity to solve challenges, wanting to achieve results and continuously develop the company.  A creative and innovative environment requires  openness and honest discussions – all focusing on the progress of the company.
  • Honest
    Involves Being sincere Being reliable Being honest even in uncomfortable situations  Being honest with yourself Don’t take part in gossip or slander Being pleasant with your colleagues
    Does not involve Stating your opinion about everything and nothing Being brutally honest.
  • Open
    Involves Keeping an open mind to ideas and input Sharing with your colleagues Being open about your activities Being cooperative Reporting all aspects of your activities in-house Being open to change Does not involve Sharing sensitive information Sharing information on personnel issues That all employees are entitled to express their thoughts outside the workplace, – we have to comply with the Group’s guidelines.
  • Responsible
    Involves Complying with regulations Being considerate Supporting your colleagues Being aware of the role you play in the company Being reliable Does not involve Taking on responsibility ™ for everything and everyone™ Taking over responsibility from others and thereby preventing them from growing by learning.

Lerøy Seafood Group is one of the largest seafood corporations in the world. The Group’s operations are based on the natural resources produced in the sea and rely on these resources being properly managed so that we can continue to sell seafood in the future. The management of Lerøy Seafood Group will do their utmost to ensure that the products caught, manufactured and purchased comply with the prevailing regulations and requirements of our industry. We will furthermore strive to find the most environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions for our products through close cooperation with our customers and suppliers, particularly suppliers of fish feed, packaging and transport.

Lerøy Seafood Group also seeks continuously to identify improvements which may reduce pollution and help protect the environment.

The management and employees will focus on the goals set, and the environment and sustainability will be important focus areas for Lerøy Seafood Group in the years to come.