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Product development

The Group´s product development department cooperates with production and sales to create new products, and improve the quality of the existing products through the entire value chain.

The product development department is located at the Group’s Headquarter in Bergen. The “One Lerøy product development team” works through the entire  value chain, from the raw materials to finished  products in stores. 

Every year, a variety of products are developed in different product groups adapted to different segments. The department cooperates with production and sales to achieve the requested products.

The Group's products are frequently nominated for prizes in various media/ innovation areas, and have won several awards. The Group has sustained its positive trend within product development in previous years, with the launch of a number of innovative products and new product types, mainly within freshly packaged fish.

The Group also continues to develop its “fish-cut” concept in many parts of Europe. These processing  units follow a target-driven and efficient strategy, focusing on freshness, a high level of service and proximity to end customer.

The product development department have  a strong fucus utilize 100% of the raw material. Products should give the consumer a healthy experience well balanced with natural ingrediencies and low salt content. The goal is to give consumers a better and more healthy way of eating.