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The Group has full traceability for feed and all products for both farmed salmon, trout and wild catches.

For farmed salmon and trout, information on brood stock, eggs, juvenile fish, growing, harvest and processing is available for customers online through the traceability programme, Fishtrack.

In Fishtrack, all information on feed, licenses, treatment and quality of the fish is available and linked to the customers invoice number. All this traceability information is open for customers and consumers at 

For whitefish and wild catches, information on fishing sub area, fishing gear, catch date, landing date, production date and processing facility is available. 

The Group have launched a product traceability system on the customers Blockchain solution (IBM). Products with a full traceability, consumer facing QR code are now available for consumers in shops. The Group is working on a similar solution for whitefish products. 


KPI:  Traceability

KPI: Product recall