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The Group focuses on packaging and is constantly searching for good, sustainable packaging solutions.

Lerøy is committed to work towards a sustainable packaging material portfolio within 2030 for all products. This entails using packaging materials that reduce food waste, prolong shelf life and product quality in addition to having the lowest possible eco footprint.

To achieve our goal we are reliant on working together with our customers, our suppliers and regulatory bodies to transition from the use of non-recyclable/biodegradable packaging materials, to materials which can either be recycled, reused or is bio degradable. In addition we need to help ensure that the infrastructure for recycling/reuse is sufficient to handle the quantity used.

There are several reasons why good sustainable packaging solutions are important for Lerøy and our customers. First of all our products needs to reach its destination safely without compromising the products food safety and product quality. Secondly we need to ensure that we do this as economically as possibly so that we can offer our products at a competitive price. This means that the packaging not only needs to be priced correctly, but it also needs to be within our specifications when it comes to weight, durability, recyclability and composition. Thirdly the packaging material needs to fit into our sustainability strategy and fulfilling all regulations and industry standards. We need to make sure that our choices is sustainable and at the same time not compromising food safety.

To ensure that all companies in the group work towards the same objectives we have established a category team for packaging. The team work closely with not only our own companies and suppliers/producers, but also other aquaculture companies and NGO`s to make sure that the best packaging solutions are always used. The team is comprised of people from different departments in Lerøy with different knowledge and experience to ensure that we make the right decisions for our customers, and the environment.  

Lerøy have set a target to reduce the use of plastic in the Group by 50 % within 5 years (Base year 2019). Packaging materials is one of the categories we have targeted to be a contributor to reaching this target. To be able to reach this target we have had to challenge all our suppliers of materials containing plastic. In the past 2 years we have had several workshops and meeting with suppliers to find alternative packaging materials, reducing the volume of plastic used, and discussions regarding different R&D projects.

We have done several tests to see if we could find alternative materials, which have the same properties as plastic (does not compromise on food safety). Testing is still ongoing, and we hope to have a clearer overview of possible alternatives for some the product groups within 2022.

We work continuously to use as little packaging as possible without compromising on food safety.

The Group is looking into the possibility to use packaging made of organic materials from the sea. The hope is to wrap the seafood in organic material from the sea which is bio degradable.