Policy for Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) management


Lerøy Seafood Group ASA (Lerøy) has the ambition to be the leading and most profitable global supplier of sustainable high-quality seafood. In order to achieve this ambition, it is crucial to establish priorities and direction, and to clearly define what factors are strategically important for success.

This policy provides a brief and principal description of how Lerøy shall establish and further develop sustainable and proactive HSE management in relation to own activities and suppliers’ activities.

Lerøy shall implement active measures to create a positive and safe physical and psychological working environment. Prevention of injuries and accidents shall always have top priority in the Company. Lerøy and its activities shall organized in a manner which ensures that the employees are protected from harm to life and health. Systematic HSE measures shall be an integral part of all our activities.

The company shall ensure that employees receive necessary and regular HSE training, and shall make active contributions to reinforcing HSE awareness in the company.

Lerøy is committed to:

  • Defining goals and tasks for the company’s HSE activities;
  • Continuous identification, assessment and control of risk;
  • Measurement and assessment of registered HSE information;
  • Implementation of necessary measures to improve and boost the company’s HSE performance;
  • Support transparency and dialogue regarding HSE to achieve continuous improvement to our HSE efforts.



This policy applies to all employees in the Group. This policy also forms the basis for Lerøy’s expectations with regard to suppliers and partners.


HSE – Health, Safety and the Environment

Continuous improvement – Constant improvements, method to improve the quality of processes, development and management


Lerøy is committed to complying with prevailing HSE regulations, guidelines and principles, defined in the following documents:

ISO 45001: 2017 Occupational health and safety management systems – Requirements with guidance for use


  • All employees at Lerøy are responsible for complying with the policy and for contributing towards creating and sustaining a proper and safe working environment.
  • The top management in each company is responsible for ensuring that the company has personnel with the competencies required to ensure compliance with local regulations.


  • The Head of ESG & Quality is the owner of this document, and is responsible for updates.
  • The policy has been approved by the corporate management at Lerøy, and is presented to the Group's Board of Directors.
  • The CEO of Lerøy Seafood Group has overall responsibility for the policy.