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SUSTAINABILITY LIBRARY 2022 About Lerøy Customer perspective

Customer perspective


Customers drive economic growth by creating demand for goods and services, which in turn leads to job creation and increased economic activity. Customers can have positive environmental impacts by choosing to buy products that are produced sustainably and have a lower carbon footprint. This can lead to increased demand for environmentally friendly products and services, which can drive innovation and investment in low carbon footprint products. 

Customer drive has positive social impacts by choosing to buy products that are produced in ways that are fair and ethical, such as those that are produced using fair labor practices or that support local communities


The future development of Lerøy will be determined by our ability to achieve continuous improvements, increased efficiency, innovation and development of sustainable solutions throughout the value chain. To be able to do this we need cooperate with strategic customers who share the same perspective.

To be able to reach our target to reduce climate emissions with 46% and drive innovation and investment in green technologies, we need to make choises (i.e fish feed ingredients with lower emissions). These choices need to be rooted with our strategic customers, if not , we risk developing products and services which are not demanded in the market and risk to loose value creation for our self, our customer and the society.

Lerøy will, in long term cooperation with strategic customers, develop new product categories which will generate value creation, job creation and riple effects for the local communities.

If we understand and fulfil customer and market opportunities, Lerøy succeeds when our customers succeed. We shall meet our customers’ expectations in terms of delivery, sustainability, quality and costs, and we shall create growth in existing and new markets via forward-looking and innovative sustainable solutions.

Values are created in value chains, and in businesses in value chains, that form a network and competitive processes for their customers. 

Lerøy aims to build long term relationships and alliances with both customers and suppliers. Strategic business development will play a decisive role in the future development of Lerøy.

Our ambitions in this area

Our vision “to be the world’s most effective and sustainable value chain for seafood”; requires us to continue to develop in order to achieve a position as a preferred supplier of seafood on a global scale. Our customers aim for growth and new market shares by offering competitive solutions with a view to cost and quality, innovation, security of supply and food safety.

We need to understand the wishes of our customers, and our value chain needs to be built upon competitive processes that ensure success for our customers. Feedback from customers is an opportunity for improvement.

Target: Increase the share of sales revenue from strategic customers

How we take action/what action has been taken

Lerøy has focused on achieving growth by means of securing access to raw materials that are fully traceable and governable. Lerøy's value chain comprises a large product range and allows for development of activities and products to increase customer satisfaction and willingness to pay, which in turn helps our customers gain new market shares.

The fundamental principles in the method utilised to achieve our goals are working continuously to achieve optimal flow of goods to the customer and optimal flow of information from the customer, by means of continuous improvement. This requires a decentralised organisation that is able to solve problems where and when they emerge, but also a Group that has the capacity to disseminate information from customers back to the value chain, so that all parties are aware of the challenges to be solved. Problem-solving shall be based on facts.

Lerøy has not been involved in any negative impacts through its activities or as a result of our business relationships related to customer perspective. 

How we measure our impact

The Group works actively to build long-term, strategic customer relationships in which values for both parties are created over time. Strategic customers are customers considered important to the long-term sucess of Lerøy, with the same values, goals and with mutual beneficial sustainable outcomes. Strategic customers may have an uniqe requirement or needs that are diffcult for other companies to fulfill.

The Group has and shall have a wide range of customers in order to minimise risk related to individual customers. The share of revenue from strategic customers, is used as an indicator of our performance in this area.

Target and result

In 2022, 50% of our revenue came from strategic customer, close to target. In 2022 we have been in dialogue with several strategic customers and defined strategic long term partnerships.

To define partnership models with long term beneficial outcomes takes time, our ambition is that 80% of our revenue share comes from strategic customers within 2030.







Share of revenue from strategic customers (%)