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SUSTAINABILITY LIBRARY 2022 Local value creation Involvement of local communities

Involvement of local communities

The Group aims to develop positive, close cooperation with local communities, by investing in buildings and infrastructure, and by sponsoring and supporting local events.

We are committed to supporting the development of thriving local communities in the areas in which we operate.

Local communities

One of the improvements we have made as a direct consequence of the implementation of the ASC standard is that we have implemented meetings with the local communities where we operate. These local meetings provide an opportunity for discussions and improvements and are held on a regular basis.

The Group is aware of its responsibility also in relation to the impact on communities where we have no direct activity. This may be, for example, in areas where our raw materials for fish feed are produced. We therefore focus on this in our collaboration with suppliers and subcontractors.

Lerøy is a signatory of Cerrado Manifesto, focusing on the indigenous population of Brazil and the possible impact on the rainforest as a result of the production of soy. We want the production of soy to take place in an orderly form and not at the expense of local population and local nature.

Number of complaints from stakeholders and measures taken in 2022: 15

The cases were related to noise from our locations at sea. Noise usually comes from our diesel generators, which are currently used at locations that do not have access to shore power. These complaints will hopefully be reduced when the plants are transferred to shore power.

Good cooperation with our stakeholders is important to us, and we take all complaints seriously. All complaints have been answered and we have initiated measures where this has been possible.


Achievements for local projects and initiatives where we have contributed

The Group’s companies are often located in decentralised areas, making significant contributions to employment and income in the local communities.

To the best of our knowledge, we have not affected any communities negatively.

Through our decentralised locations, we also contribute to investments in buildings, infrastructure, quays, floating quays and modern equipment in small, local communities. These form the grounds for local commerce. In fact, we represent 25-80% of the economic basis for certain suppliers in the municipalities in which we have facilities.

The Group aims to develop positive, close cooperation with these communities, and contribute by sponsoring and supporting local sports clubs and festivals/various events.

Each year we invest several million NOK in support to different local activities.

The Group supports various local activities related to children and young people. Diet, health and healthy eating are important common values in this collaboration. It is therefore rewarding to see children and young people enjoying healthy food at different events supported by the Group.

The Group also contributes to voluntary organizations, NGOs, festivals and the construction of local sports halls, among others. In 2022 The Group contributed with 24,5 mill NOK for this purpose.

In 2019, the Group supported 879 different events for children and young people with healthy food. Due to Covid-19, this has been difficult to do the last two years but after the reopening in 2022, we have supported various local events for children and young people more than 1 000 times.

Support paid in 2022 from the group's administration,  Mill NOK. (in addition there is support from local companies):



Local and national sports


Seafood for local events


Local events


Different organizational, not political




Direct economic value generated and distributed

Value generated      
Revenues 26 645 877 23 073 280 19 959 652
Other gains 6 380 62 814 6 569
Total value generated 26 652 257 23 136 094 19 966 221
Value distributed      
Salaries and personnel expenses 3 815 833 3 473 829 3 072 129
Operating cost:      
 - Raw materials and consumables used 14 408 005 12 742 107 11 107 004
 - Other operating expenses (exclusive production fee) 3 812 277 3 067 988 2 658 293
Payments to providers of capital:      
 - Paid net interest and other financial items 278 645 206 533 228 900
 - Paid dividend to LSG Shareholders 1 489 434 1 191 547 893 661
 - Paid dividend to non-controlling interests 70 473 10 930 30 671
Community investment 24 500 22 000 20 000
Tax-related payments to government      
 - Income taxes paid (related to previous accounting year) 527 303 386 574 452 693
 - Production fee (tax) on farming 70 725 74 654 0
Total value distributed 24 497 194 21 176 162 18 463 351
Total value retained 2 155 063 1 959 932 1 502 869

All amounts in NOK 1 000 (period 1.1–31.12)