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SUSTAINABILITY LIBRARY 2023 People Human rights

Human rights

Lerøy supports and respects the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights and will not be complicit in human rights abuses.  

The Group has developed a Human rights policy which is approved by the Board.  The policy is publicly available and communicated internally and externally to all interested parties. 

All Lerøy's fish farms are GlobalGap or ASC certified and audited by a third party every year. These audits include, among other things, policy areas such as child labour, forced labour, mistreatment as well as workplace discrimination and harrasment.

The Groups Code of Conduct and Lerøy’s Supplier Code of Conduct stipulates the company’s expectations regarding human rights implementation and compliance both for own personnel and our suppliers' personnel.  It also refers to The United Nations Global Compact principles on Human rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption and The International Labour Organization’s declaration of fundamental principles and rights at work. 

The company will actively contribute to creation and maintenance of an environment that treats employees and workers with dignity and respect, seek ways to prevent or mitigate adverse human rights impacts and address such impacts if/when they occur. 

During 2024 the Group has carried out due diligence assessments internally and externally, with a particular focus on respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions, as part of the implementation of the Norwegian Transparency Act. No breaches of human rights and/ or decent working conditions were discovered during the assessment.

The complete results will be published on the Group’s websites within the 30th of June 2024.  

The Group has developed a section on the Group’s global website for suppliers. On this page, existing and new suppliers can find information about the Group’s expectations of its suppliers. The Group has updated its Supplier Code of Conduct and Lerøy Supplier Declaration Form. This form can be found at the supplier webpage. These documents communicate the Group’s requirements to its suppliers and aim to ensure further sustainability related development of suppliers. In the documents, special emphasis is placed on promoting the Group's respect for human rights and decent working conditions as well as anti-corruption and anti-money laundering.  

The general public can contact the Group through a Contact form on the Group’s webpage,,  if they wish to request information regarding the Transparency Act.

Lerøy is a member of UN Global Compact (Norway) and are working for human rights continuously through our daily business. 

Lerøy uses precautionary principle to guide its human rights related planning activities, decision making process and actions

Equal opportunities

The Group works continuously to ensure a discrimination-free environment, where every employee is treated equally, independently of their gender, age, sexual orientation, origin, ethnicity, skin color, language, religion or personal philosophy.

One of the Group’s goals is to provide a workplace without discrimination because of disabilities. The company will arrange for individually adapted workplaces and work tasks (where possible) for employees or work applicants with disabilities.

The Group has always emphasized individual skills, performance and responsibility in its recruitment policy and salary system. Furthermore, the Group always ensures equal employment opportunities and rights for all employees, both men and women. The Group has an international working environment, and a number of our employees have cross-cultural backgrounds.

In recent years, the Group has seen an increase in the proportion of women in previously traditional "male-dominated" occupations, such as aquaculture and wild fishery. We see the same trend in different study directions for the seafood industry. This will lead the way for a better gender balance in the future.

Lerøy finds that the gender balance is positive for the working environment. In recent years, the Group has seen an increase in the proportion of female employees in the companies and aims to increase the proportion of women further in the coming years.

The Group is focusing on attracting female employees to increase the proportion of women in the company.