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SUSTAINABILITY LIBRARY 2023 People Organization learning and development

Organization learning and development

Our employees and workers are essential to our vision to become the most efficient supplier of sustainable, high-quality seafood. We are committed to developing their skills and knowledge. Advancing employees’ and workers’ expertise promotes sustainable, responsible and inclusive workplace practice and has positive effects on the economy and human rights. To the best of our knowledge, there are no negative effects on the economy, environment or human rights as a result from our activity.

Skilled employees and workers are good for society and business. By developing employees and workers the organization is also implicitly contributing to non-discrimination, equal opportunities, and freedom to express workplace concerns. It also gives opportunities for better personal development and social integration.

As an employer, Lerøy has a responsibility to develop and maintain our human resources, as well as attract and hire employees with the right competencies to solve existing and future challenges.

We are committed to ensure continuous customized training and development at all levels as well as offer unique and interesting career opportunities for our employees. Lerøy believes that its employees' and workers' knowledge and skills help them to maximise their professional potential.

We advertise internal career opportunities and encourage increased internal mobility.

In 2023 the Group further developed the corporate training online platform (Motimate) where compulsory and voluntary training is produced and conducted. Motimate is a tool which the employees can use to develop their competencies and skills. Motimate provides an interactive, easily accessible and simple way of sharing and acquiring knowledge. The Group is pleased to see that 45 915 courses have been completed in Motimate between October 2021 (when the platform was launched) and December 2023 (information regarding the Group’s Norwegian subsidiaries).

In 2024 the Group will continue the process of implementing the tool to all the Group’s companies across the globe.

Employee development

The Group operates in a global industry that requires employees who are dynamic and willing to adapt and learn. By facilitating formal and informal learning arenas, our employees will have the opportunity to take responsibility for their own learning and development and are encouraged to work in various areas and positions in the Group.

We have close cooperation and knowledge sharing with various educational institutions, such as universities and colleges. In addition, we cooperate with students at Bachelor, Master and PhD level.

The Group finds great value in recruiting young people and graduates into the industry. We offer apprenticeships, summer vacancies, internships and trainee positions. It is important for the Group to have people from different backgrounds and with different types of education. In line with the Group's strategic pritorities, the Group is working to establish a competence register and development program to ensure that every employee possesses nesessary competencies and has the opportunity to further develop their skills. The name of this initiative is Lerøy Academy and it will run through 2024.

Information on internal education and training activities in Lerøy



Health Safety and Environment (HSE)

All employees receive necessary internal and external training which is required by national legislation regarding HSE related topics. Training can be such as hygiene and safe handling of chemicals, gas hazard, safety training, first aid training or training on particular equipment. 




Code of Conduct

All employees in the Group shall receive training on the Group’s Business Code of Conduct and whistle blowing. In addition, the Group provides training on diversity and inclusion, workplace culture (Great Place To Work) and other initiatives via  Motimate e-learning platform. 


Lerøy Way

In 2023, approximately 130 managers participated in training related to various parts of Lerøy Way business system. The courses take place for 3-5 days out in the value chain and have a good balance between theory and practical exercises. The purpose is for the managers to gain a good basic understanding of Lerøy Way, so that they can further involve their employees and further develop the improvement work in their own units. In addition to exploring new mindsets and methods, the participants learn from each other's experiences and network across the units and build One Lerøy.


Additionally, all employees and workers in companies where Lerøy Way has been implemented have undergone training in Lerøy Way methodology, Lean and continuous improvement.

Havfiskskolen (Havfisk- school)

Annual mandatory gathering for all the employees working on fishing vessels in Lerøy Havfisk. The theme of the training changes each year. Themes included in the training previously - targets, strategy and KPI’s, HSE, sick leave and absence, Great Place To Work, Business Code of Conduct and Motimate. The aim of the training is that all employees receive the same information, learning and development.

Equality and diversity


The Group has created an e-learning course regarding equality, diversity and inclusion, which is available and mandatory for all employees in the Norwegian companies. The course aims to create awareness regarding equality and diversity and provides insights on how Lerøy works to secure an inclusive and discrimination free work environment.

External initiatives

Lerøy is also offering external learning and development opportunities, such as participation in programs, lectures, courses and seminars.


Leadership development

The Group focuses on future-oriented and coherent management based on the Group’s values and business strategy. Our managers shall lead by example, show direction and focus on achieving results jointly. In 2023, the Group continued to develop and implement programs and tools to ensure that our managers are accountable and skilled in their role.

Being a manager in Lerøy is a vote of confidence that carries significant responsibility and extensive leadership development programs have been carried out at various levels, where employees from different parts of the Group meet and get to know what it means to be a leader in Lerøy. This work will continue in 2024.

Programs implemented to upgrade employee skills:



Leader in Lerøy

Leader in Lerøy is an introductory  program to management in Lerøy. The program is based on the Group’s values and management standards and sets clear expectations for managers in Lerøy. Though the programme, basic management theory and principles are reviewed. The participants also complete practical exercises and dilemma training aiming to ensure that the manager is confident in his/her role. The aim of the program is to provide a deeper insight in being a manager in Lerøy as well as give tools and inspiration to enable and encourage the participants to develop their leadership skills.


Lerøy LUP/LIP is a continuation of Leader in Lerøy managerial development program. The program has a strategic focus and provides professional replenishment, inspiration and clarifies manager’s role in Lerøy. The aim of the program is to understand different perspectives beyond one’s own group or unit as well as demonstrate the value of leadership across the whole value chain. In Lerøy LUP/LIP participants are challenged to look at the importance of leadership in the context of the Group’s vision, targets and values. The participants are working with strategic cases in working groups as well as receive individual follow-up.

All the training that is provided is aimed at facilitating continued employability, developing skills and gaining knowledge, however the Group does not offer specific transition assistance programs to provide continued employability and/ or management of career endings resulting form retirement or terminated employment.

Initiatives for students, graduates and apprentices
The Group believes that it is important to provide jobs and practical experiences for students and graduates as well as have a collaboration with local learning institutions along the coast of Norway. Lerøy Havfisk (fishing vessels) offers students the opportunity to participate in practice tours as part of their degree completion. The practice tour is held on five of the Group’s fishing vessels and is done in collaboration with local schools. Some students might be offered an opportunity of apprenticeship.

The Group also offers internships for students in other companies along its value chain. The internships are completed in collaboration with local schools and is a part of the student’s degree. The internships are very popular among students. The Group also collaborates with bachelor, master and PhD students.

The Group have apprentices in several companies in various areas of expertise. Lerøy Havfisk (fishing vessels) is the company with the most apprentices and  in 2023 had around 50 apprentices. The apprenticeships last for two years in addition to school. During the apprenticeship they receive a trade certificate upon completion. Lerøy Havfisk also has cadets, which is a degree after apprenticeship and trade school that requires minimum 180 days of cadet training on the fishing vessels, in order to receive a certificate.

Lerøy offers various trainee programs for graduates. The Group have a collaboration with NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster and Arena Nord Troms, where we have trainees, in addition to the Groups own RAS-trainee program. The program is a combination of a job in a seafood company and an academic program.






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