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SUSTAINABILITY LIBRARY 2023 Policies Policy: Marketing

Policy: Marketing

Marketing policy

Owner/approver: Head of Brand & Innovation

Valid from: 2022-03-30



The objective behind marketing of Lerøy's products is to maintain dialogue with consumers and other recipients, sending well-balanced and legitimate messages aiming to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable diet. With our planet under pressure and with a steadily increasing lack of balanced diet among the global population, Lerøy wants to inform and inspire, and to generate interest in eating more seafood for two reasons; to conduct sustainable production of protein and to improve public health.

The Group complies with all marketing regulations and requirements in terms of labelling and information on contents, while constantly aiming to provide inspiration for how to make simple and healthy meals. For Lerøy, it is important that the consumers feel safe when purchasing our products. We therefore label our products with relevant and appropriate certificates where suitable.

True and responsible communications, including:

  • Always able to document claims regarding both sustainability and health attributes
  • Zero use of misleading marketing
  • Zero use of speculative marketing
  • Ethical code for communications within prevailing regulations if communicating with younger target groups, < 18 years old
  • Zero use of specific marketing targeting children and adolescents to trigger sales
  • Constant compliance with prevailing legislation governing communications

Honest and open, including:

  • Compliance with the claims we make, including bias, if relevant.
  • Be open about both advantageous and less advantageous aspects of increased seafood consumption
  • Promote own products instead of putting down others
  • Be open about how we produce fish and administer natural resources
  • Disclose all aspects of product contents in terms of both prevailing legislation and regulations, but also when we believe the information is of value and of interest to consumers

Contribute to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, including:

  • Products directed at target groups with related content designed specifically for these. Provide information on recommended amount of different types of seafood.
  • We shall contribute towards a balanced diet, and refrain from giving the impression that consuming other foodstuffs may damage health.
  • All communications shall promote our own products as a part of a varied diet.
  • We shall make use of sponsorship to reach the younger segment of the market, introducing them to a well-balanced and healthy diet at an early age. This is an investment in health as well as our contribution to a more sustainable form of consumption.
  • Sponsorships and related marketing shall always be selected with a view to our values, and aiming to create a healthier population and more sustainable planet.

Applies to

The whole Group


Sustainability, follows the definition laid down by the Head of ESG

Framework and principles

Brand Master 

Lerøy’s Code of Conduct

Lerøy’s sponsorship guidelines


Roles and responsibilities

All sales companies and all other parts of the Group involved in any type of product marketing.

Policy ownership and implementation

  • The ownership of the policy and its content lies with the document owner, Head of Brand & Innovation.
  • Team Manager Corporate Marketing is responsible for ensuring that GDPR and communication via our digital channels are taken care of in accordance with current policy.

The implementation of this is in each individual marketing company that conducts some form of product marketing with the general manager of the individual marketing company as responsible.