Greenhouse Gas Emissions


The United Nations Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) estimates that human activity has led to global warming of about 1 degree, compared to pre-industrial times. According to the climate panel, there is a probable range of between 0.8 and 1.2 degrees.

In recent decades, the world has experienced the following climate changes:

  • The temperature has increased.
  • Precipitation patterns have changed.
  • Melting snow and ice have affected both water quality and water supply in several places.
  • Permafrost has thawed.
  • The sea has become warmer, sea levels have risen and the sea has become more acidic.
  • Extreme weather events have also been observed since 1950, and we have experienced several episodes of extreme temperatures, extreme rainfall and extreme sea levels

Emissions and CO2 uptake (1750-2011)

Man-made emissions

70% from the combustion of fossil fuels and cement production

30% from deforestation and area changes


Taken up and accumulated in nature

43% accumulated in the atmosphere

29% taken up in ecosystems

28% taken up in the ocean


It is the man-made greenhouse gases that accumulate in the atmosphere that amplify the greenhouse effect. 

Source: UN's Climate Panel (IPCC)/Environmental status (Miljøstatus)

Our ambitions in this area

Lerøy is commited to taking  responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions which arise through our value chain. Both own emissions and emissions that come as a consequence of the production of goods that are part of our value chain.

How we work in the area

Lerøy has committed to science-based targets (SBTs) which entails various projects regarding significant greenhouse gas emission areas:

  • Fish feed
  • Transportation


We measure the development for scope 1 and scope 2 every quarter and the development for scope 3 every other year.

Targets per KPI and Results per KPI

Scienc-based targets: 

46% reduction in Scope 1, 2 and 3 by 2030

  • Base year 2019
  • Absolute emissions
  • 1.5 degrees C



  2020 2019 2018
Scope 1, direct greenhouse (GHG) emissions that occur from sources that are controlled or owned by an organization (tCO2e)   125 382,9 119 349 118 565
Scope 2, Indirect Emissions from electricity purchased and used by the organization (tCO2e)  5 591,2 7 476 6 863
Scope 3, Scope 3 emissions are the result of activities from assets not owned or controlled by the reporting organization, (t CO2e)  NA 1 364 762 NA


Future actions

We will continue to work on this subject by: 

  • Various R&D projects
  • Close collaboration with suppliers
  • Technology development
  • Collaboration with customers and authorities
  • Collaboration with NGOs
  • Collaboration with different stakeholders