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Antibiotics – policy, goals and results 

Lerøy Seafood Group aims to avoid unnecessary use of antibiotics in production of fish for consumption. We aim to achieve this goal via organization-wide measures involving disease management, including preventive operational practice, 100 % vaccination, early diagnosis and appropriate measures to handle outbreaks.

Antibiotics are seen as the last resort, only applied in situations where use has been assessed by veterinarians as necessary to handle a confirmed disease-related situation. The Group never treat fish with antibiotics critically important for human use according to the WHO (Worlds Health Organization) list published at

The Group has specifications for special brands telling that there is not used any kind of antibiotics during the production  time.

Main goal: 0 use of antibiotics


Policy: Use of medication

KPI:  Use of medication


The use of antibiotics is almost at zero in the Norwegian fish farming industry. Lerøy Seafood Group applies a very restrictive policy when it comes to use of antibiotics, and use is only on exception and to safeguard fish health.