From sea and fjord to the table
Lerøy is actively involved in every stage of the production of salmon and trout, as well as catch and processing of whitefish and shellfish. In other words, Lerøy is not only involved in fisheries and farming, but also packages and processes the fish in their plants and distributes thousands of different seafood products to shops, restaurants, canteens and hotels – in more than 80 different countries worldwide.

One important element in Lerøy Seafood Group’s strategy is to be a fully integrated supplier of the Group's key products, and the business is currently operated via a number of subsidiaries in Norway and abroad.

The Group reports within three segments
> Wild Catch
> Farming
> VAP, Sales & Distribution

Wild Catch
The Wild Catch segment comprises businesses acquired in 2016, when Lerøy Seafood Group became the sole owner of both Havfisk AS and Norway Seafoods Group AS. These are businesses with substantial operations within the catch and processing of whitefish in Norway. Lerøy Havfisk currently has ten trawlers, while Lerøy Norway Seafoods runs factories in Berlevåg, Båtsfjord, Forsøl, Kjøllefjord, Melbu, Stamsund, Sørvær and Tromvik.

The Farming segment comprises the Group's production of salmon, trout and cleaner fish up to the time of harvest. The Group has three fully integrated value chains for production of salmon and trout, located in North Norway, Central Norway and West Norway. The Group's companies in this segment - Lerøy Aurora (North Norway), Lerøy Midt (Central Norway) and Lerøy Sjøtroll (West Norway) - are major employers along the Norwegian coastline and strive to be visible and active in all the regions in which they operate.

I am proud of being a part of Lerøy Seafood - an international company supplying healthy and sustainable seafood.
Ruben Geerts - Retail Specialist, Lerøy Seafood Netherlands

VAP, Sales & Distribution
Lerøy has a global reach within the VAP, Sales & Distribution segment. The company works with sales, market and product development, distribution and simple processing of the Group’s own raw materials, but also a large volume of raw materials from partners and a network of suppliers. Lerøy Seafood Group has wholesalers, factories and fish-cuts in a number of different markets worldwide.

The VAP, Sales & Distribution segment is involved in processing of mainly salmon and trout, as well as other species. Our facilities are located on the island of Osterøy outside of Bergen, in Smøgen in Sweden, in Finland, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy and Turkey. The segment's products are increasingly sold to the global market.