One Lerøy
Local roots, global perspective
Every day, our 4,912 employees contribute to the supply of Norwegian seafood corresponding to five million meals to more than 80 different markets.

Our main office is located in Bergen, but we have fishing vessels and fish farms in operation along the entire coast of Norway. Lerøy owns 10 trawlers and receives regular deliveries from more than 600 vessels fishing along the coast. These vessels make daily deliveries of whitefish to onshore stations, where the fish is processed and packaged, while well boats transport salmon and trout from our fish farms in North Norway, Central Norway and West Norway to localities for processing.
In addition to our production and packaging plants in Norway, we have production and distribution in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Turkey.

The fisherman-farmer, Ole Mikkel Lerøen, who would row to the fish market in Bergen to sell live fish at the end of the 19th century, most probably could not imagine what he was starting – a commercial enterprise that 120 years later would be serving the entire world 1.8 billion seafood meals every year.
Today, Lerøy is a world-leading seafood corporation, supplying thousands of different products to shops, restaurants, canteens and hotels worldwide.