One Lerøy
Values for the future

Our employees are the Group’s most important resource. Every single day, all year round, our employees supply seafood amounting to five million meals in more than 80 countries. Together, we provide healthy and delicious high- quality seafood to customers and consumers worldwide, allowing us to make forward-looking and sustainable use of the resources in the sea. We are proud of our interaction with all our employees throughout the value chain and with our partners, and we are proud of our contributions to society.
Lerøy is part of a global industry subject to continuous developments and extremely tough competition. We are grateful to have so many talented and flexible employees who are willing to learn on our team, helping us achieve our vision, reach our goals and reinforce the “One Lerøy” culture moving forward.

Earnings for Lerøy over the past five years have been good from an historic perspective. At the same time, we know there is major room for improvement. As a fully-integrated seafood company, we gain unparalleled opportunities to drive the development of our value chain and product categories, in collaboration with key end customers worldwide. The future development of our company will be determined by our ability to achieve continuous improvements, increased efficiency, innovation and development of sustainable solutions throughout the value chain. If we are to sustain our competitive strengths in an industry exposed to global competition, we have to work extremely hard to develop our operations, keeping the customer in mind at all times and basing our activities on our values. In 2017, we started the process of developing a system for continuous improvement specially designed for our activities – Lerøy Way. Lerøy Way was implemented after a year in which we reported record- high results, and represents our guiding principles for how to improve together as one company – One Lerøy.

The company’s core corporate values
Lerøy Seafood Group’s basic corporate values are: honest, open,responsible and creative. These values are based on the Group’s vision to create the world’s leading and most profitable global supplier of sustainable quality seafood.
It is important to ensure that every employee is familiar with the Group's values and what these imply. We have therefore translated our values into the local language in each country
where we have operations, making sure they are easily available for all employees online, on our Intranet and in brochures. For us, it is important that our values guide all our actions. In 2020 we launched Lerøy leadership standard which is embedded in the Group’s values. We also measure the extent to which we live up to our values completing an annual employee which all companies of the Group participate in.