Materiality assessment

In accordance with the GRI Standard, Lerøy carried out their first materiality assessment in 2016. This was updated in 2020. The purpose of the assessment is to identify those topics related to sustainability that are of most importance for the company and our key stakeholders.

The result is based on feedback from our external and internal stakeholders, provided via interviews, dialogue and meetings, in addition to feedback from customers, the authorities, NGOs etc. Interest in various types of sustainability has seen explosive growth in recent years, with a knock-on effect on results regarding important areas where Lerøy must maintain focus. The results from the materiality assessment are divided into six areas. The importance of these areas will vary according to the different stakeholders. See the table on dialogue with stakeholders on page 207.

We have made a change to our materiality assessment this year in comparison with the report issued in 2019, by changing some of the items reported so that they are more specific within the different materiality areas. There are no significant changes in the table.