Protect our oceans


The Group invests a considerable amount of resources in optimizing equipment and routines specifically to avoid accidental release of fish.

We operate in areas where wild populations of atlantic salmon also exists, and release of farmed salmon could interfere with the genetics of local populations.

We have implemented the NYTEK standard (minimum technical requirement) and we continuously work together with our suppliers to improve and develop new and better equipment. This is to ensure that all our farms have access to equipment of the highest possible technical standards.

Risk analysis and a number of written procedures helps us operate our farms safely, including to prevent escapes. Among other spesific measures, we regularly check the technical condition of moorings, facilities, vessels and equipment, we use divers and ROVs to check pen farming nets and employees are trained in prevention of escapes.

Actual incidents of accidental release triggers measures determined in the contingency plan and are reported to the Directorate of Fisheries, as are events that may lead to accidental release.

The organic and inorganic impact on the enviroment is considered to be negigible due to low number of escaped fish(4) in 2021

Policy: Escapes

KPI: Escapes

A very low number of fish escaped from the Group´s locations in 2021. The number was 4 fish, a decrease of 204 fish (98%) from 2020.



Accidental release table