Lost fish is undesirable both from a fish health and welfare perspective and from a financial perspective. Thus, our goal is to get as many individuals as possible throughout the whole production phase from egg to slaughter. Farming robust smolts, good husbandry, disease control and careful handling are key factors. Se Policy for more details.

MAIN GOALSurvival in sea, last 12 months according to GSI: 94.5%

Result 2021: 92,5% Different biological factors contribute to the result, and these factors vary from year to year. 

KPI (2022)Survival of farmed groups: 89%

Departments in the Group´s Farming division, contributes to the work to achieve the main goal, by identifying and working towards their own spesific goals for survival. This includes land- and sea-farms.  Salmon mortality rates due to viral diseases in sea has decresed by 19,4% during the last two years.


Policy:  Fish health and fish welfare

KPI:  Fish health and fish welfare

Survival rate illlustration 1
Survival illustration