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SUSTAINABILITY LIBRARY 2022 Fish feed Requirement raw material in feed

Requirement raw material in feed

The Group cooperates with different feed suppliers in the work to achieve requirements.

Sustainable and ethical raw material sourcing

The Group cooperates with multiple feed suppliers to achieve our performance and sustainability goals

The Group has contractual requirements for its suppliers of fish feed, to make sure that raw materials are managed in a sustainable and ethical manner. Moreover, the Group works with its suppliers to monitor closely fishery improvement programs, fisheries that are at risk of losing certification and catch utilization.

Lerøy requires raw materials to be:
  • Fished/ harvested in an ethically sound manner and in compliance with legal frameworks
  • Based on sustainable harvesting or fishing
  • On a positive trend regarding the percentage certified according to a internationally acclaimed sustainability standard
  • In compliance with the ASC feed standard
  • Able to trace back to origin (farm/ geographical area/fishery)
  • An ever-increasing share of trimmings
  • ProTerra/Eurosoy certified and deforestation free value chain sourced Soy.

Policy:  Fish feed

Conscious choices

The Group takes an active stance regarding the feed composition. We implement our own set limits and limitations regarding feed composition.

Lerøy Salmon is raised with feed containing:

  • EPA and DHA rich microalgae
  • Camelina/linseed oil for beneficial omega 3 ratio
  • Minimum 7.5% of the fatty acids is EPA and DHA
  • Insect meal

Our feed does not contain:

  • Salmon oil
  • GMO
  • Ethoxyquin
  • Palm oil
  • Chitin inhibitors
  • Bone or blood meal

Marine Feed ingredient Certified according to a sustainability standard






Total share of certified raw materials %





Percentage of marine raw materials certfied    (MSC+IFFO/Marine trust including FIP) (%)