Our focus areas

For Lerøy Seafood Group as a corporation, maintaining a constant focus on areas where we have the greatest  influence in terms of sustainability is essential. Based  on a critical evaluation of the value chain and our  processes, we have concluded that we currently have  the greatest influence within our work on the different  areas related to our fish-farming activities. A major share of our efforts related to the environment and sustainability will therefore focus on fish farming.

Vision for the Group

«We shall be the leading and most profitable global supplier of sustainable high-quality seafood.»

Quality and sustainability vision

Safe, sustainable, quality seafood

Quality and sustainability policy

We live by what is produced in the ocean and rely on sustainable management of resources. This enables us to produce and sell quality seafood in the future.  Through close cooperation with professional bodies, customers and suppliers, we will deliver: a safe working environment, high professional competence, the right quality and sustainable solutions throughout the value chain.


“Take action today for a difference tomorrow”